Leather Sharpening Strop
Leather Sharpening Strop

Leather Sharpening Strop

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Want to keep the shaving sharp edge your knife comes with? Want a simple way to maintain all of your edged tools?

A leather strop is one of the best ways to keep a keen edge on all of your edged tools (not just knives, but axes and chisels too!). They work by removing tiny burrs that form along the blade edge with use and polishing out small micro chips. Regular, quick touch ups with a strop will prevent or prolong having to use a sharpening system or stones. Details on use can be found in the FAQ section and instructions are included with each strop.

We offer two versions; the large double sided Shop Strop and smaller, single sided Carry Strops.

The shop strop is our large, double sided version meant for touch ups at home. The leather is premium 3/16" belt leather over 1/2" thick oak for decades of use. One side is coated in white buffing compound that is more abrasive for heavy use. The opposite side is coated in fine green compound that will develop a very fine edge.

Dimensions are 12" overall length by 1.5" wide. Each leather section is 8" x 1.5"

Carry Strops are great for carrying in the pocket, hunting pack, EDC bag, etc for quick and easy touch ups outside of the home. They are one sided and coated in green buffing compound to allow you to quick hone your knife back to a razor edge. 

Dimensions are 5.25" overall length and 1.5" wide. The leather is 4.25" x 1.5"

All strops are made by hand by Wheelis Knives.


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