Camp XL in Natural Micarta
Camp XL in Natural Micarta
Camp XL in Natural Micarta
Camp XL in Natural Micarta

Camp XL in Natural Micarta

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The big brother of our camp knife. For those who want the biggest and toughest we make!

The Camp XL is a cross between a machete, a large bowie, and a cleaver! It has a super stout blade that has a full height convex grind to offer plenty of mass behind the cutting edge for strength and chopping ability. 

This knife excels in the jungle or remote forest where the further out you go the more important a stout, durable knife becomes. The knife is capable of moderate wood chopping and batoning to make shelter and fire prep a breeze. 

The large handle area is robust and contoured to make the knife comfortable to use for hours on end. Natural micarta scales offer plenty of grip and lay over neon green g10  and natural micarta liners. The neon liners make the knife a bit easier to spot if laid down in fall foliage. 


A brown leather belt sheath is included. It is hand tooled and hand stitched with over 14 feet of waxed nylon. It is right sided or can be worn on the left in a cross body draw configuration.



Steel: .250" 80CrV2

Blade Length: 9 inches

Overall Length: 13 inches

Handle Material: Natural Micarta over green g10 and micarta liners

Pins: Brass Corby Bolts

Sheath: Brown Leather


*High carbon blades will patina with use and may rust if not properly taken care of. See our FAQ for more information about high carbon steel vs stainless.