Bowie in S7 steel
Bowie in S7 steel
Bowie in S7 steel
Bowie in S7 steel
Bowie in S7 steel
Bowie in S7 steel

Bowie in S7 steel

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This modern bowie knife combines great looks with supreme toughness for a knife that would make anyone proud to carry. The S7 tool steel is one of the toughest steels for knives and can take a beating. 

The scales are custom made micarta that feature alternating layers of brown coffee bag and red and blue Guatemalan fabric. They are beautiful and very durable. They are secured with 2 ton epoxy, 2 custom made copper and brass mosaic pins, and a solid copper Corby bolt. 

The sheath is veg tanned 8 ounces leather and is dyed dark brown. The sheath was hand tooled and stitched. The sheath was wet formed to the knife for a secure fit before be soaked in SnoSeal waterproofing wax. A subtle skull pattern is hand stamped into the leather for a unique pattern. The sheath is meant to be worn on the right hip with the edge facing backward. It can be worn on the left hip with edge forward if desired. 



Steel: 1/4" (.250) S7 tool steel

Hardness: 58-59Rc

Grind: Convex

Finish: Satin

Handle Material: Coffee bag burlap and Guatemalan Blanket micarta

Handle Hardware: Mosaic pins and copper Corby bolt

Overall Length: 12"

Cutting Edge: 7"

Weight (knife): 17.8 ounces

Weight (w/ sheath): 21.5 ounces

Sheath: Brown leather, right handed.


*This knife is made out of high carbon tool steel and is not stainless. The knife may discolor or even rust if not properly cared for. Please see our FAQ for further information on caring for high carbon steels.